My name is Paw or Yaowaluk Wongsuwan. I am a freelance Thai translator and interpreter

I am of Thai origin but have been living in the Netherlands since 1992. Here is where I obtained my higher education. I hold two academic degrees;a Bachelor in Commercial Economics and a Master in Economics and Business.

I have good command of three languages in both written and spoken; Thai, Dutch and English. The Thai language is my mother tongue.  I speak and write on a native level. The Dutch and English language were the languages of my studies and are the languages of my daily life. I manage both of them on a high level. My knowledge of the two cultures (Thai and Dutch) allows me to better understand the communication between my clients and their counterparties and therefore help them to easier overcome their language barriers.

After the completion of my studies I worked as a marketer for more than 10 years. I held various marketing related positions in different companies in The Netherlands. In June of 2010 I started my own translation office ‘Thai voor Taal’ with the aim to provide high quality translation and interpreting services from Thai to English or Dutch and vice versa. I have ever since been working as a freelance interpreter and translator for a fair number of renowned intrepretation and translation agencies in and outside the Netherlands.  I also deliver my services directly to individuals.

The assignments I have done so far are fairly diverse. In terms of  interpreting services I deliver  my services to court, law firms, business and governmental organisations.  In terms of translation services my fields are marketing, financial and contract law. 

Besides my work as an interpreter and translator, I also provide private tutoring to Thai people who want to improve their Dutch language, both spoken and written as well as to prepare for their integration exam or driving test and so on. I also offer private tutoring of the Thai language for those interested. Additionally I accompany, work  as guide and / or interpreter for the Thai tourists and delegations from Thailand. As for my personal development I regularly attend training courses that are relevant to the execution of my work in this field. My keywords are professionalism, integrity, punctuality, speed and high-quality service.Click here for more information on my educational background and work experience.